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Reserve at least one night’s worth of energy for an intense game of air hockey. Improve your game and coordination and enjoy a good laugh over a competitive session with family or friends. A-TEX Family Fun Center offers a variety of air hockey tables to help complete your game room.

Valley-Dynamo offers a wide range of commercial-grade Valley Pool and Dynamo Hockey tables without coin operation to fill a variety of needs. They can bring that authentic arcade-quality look and feel to a home game room, or provide our commercial-level of durability and strength to any setting that might be suited for pool and hockey – but with the convenience of free play. Dynamo also offers Hockey tables styled to match pieces from the Champion Shuffleboard and Connelly Billiards product line for a beautiful, coordinated game room with a choice of stunning stained wood finishes. Each Valley or Dynamo table is built to the same design standards as our professional level coin models, with the features and attention to detail that tournament and enthusiast players expect.

With all models from entry level to our top tier products built on the same assembly line, with the same personnel, in our same Richland Hills TX facility, as our commercial-grade coin products – the same level of construction quality is assured.

These are not budget big box specials – Valley and Dynamo tables are investments that will provide enjoyment and service many years down the road.

The rugged construction and conservative styling of the Arctic Wind air hockey table will contribute to your game room aesthetic. It features solid, reinforced leg support, a heavy-duty cabinet that includes super-fast, no clog puck return, aluminum rails, and an ultra-quiet, high-volume blower that minimizes noise.

The striking colors and the sharp features of the Hot Flash will add life to your game room. With blacklight graphics and an overhead LED scoring display, this table will boost game night and give you serious arcade vibes.

The Pro Style air hockey table features a patented “Dyna-Blast” blower system that delivers fast, nonstop action, electronic scoring, tapered sides for easy, comfortable play, and tournament-tested rails for accuracy and reliability. Sleek and modern, this particular table is a must-have for your game room.


Dynamo’s new star comes home! Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design make Fire Storm the authentic finishing touch for that high-end home game room, or that location where coin operation is not a requirement but Dynamo durability is!


It’s the not-so-big new thing from Dynamo. Short Shot takes the robust and durable Dynamo construction you rely on and puts it in a small, feature-packed package. It’s the right size for those smaller players, but unlike other “baby” models it’s not too small for grown-up players. Customers asked for it, and now it can be yours. 


For the Home Game Room wanting that authentic touch, or the location where durability and quality are a necessity – but coin operation is not. The blacklight table that started it all is available in a non-coin edition. Frequently imitated, never duplicated. 


The toughness and time-tested durability of our widely-respected Dynamo Coin tables, but no need for coin operation. A Dynamo Pro Style is an investment in quality for years to come. APPROVED FOR PLAY BY THE U.S. AIR TABLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION.


The Arctic Wind’s solid construction and rugged durability provides an excellent playing experience at an attractive price point, and like all Dynamo tables is proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA.


Designed with Tournament play in mind, Dynamo’s BEST SHOT has the features and performance Tournament players expect and the robust and durable construction Operators and Locations demand. 


While it looks like no other table in Dynamo history, the play experience is all Dynamo…with exciting out of this world features and a compact and innovative new overhead design. Black Hole underwent more field testing and has more processing power than any other Dynamo table. With Black Hole, Dynamo broke the mold but kept the quality and durability.


When an 8-foot table is just a little too much Dynamo for your location and a Short Shot isn’t nearly enough, the Blue Streak provides that perfectly sized Dynamo hockey experience. All the same playability and durability you expect from Dynamo – in a concentrated dose.


Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design make Fire Storm a showpiece in any location or FEC. A World-class revenue earner ready to replace or supplement those existing Dynamo tables.


It’s the blacklight table that started it all, updated with a flashy new graphics package and LED underlighting. Frequently imitated, never duplicated. Only Hot Flash combines that unmistakable UV reactive glow with the quality and playability that have decades-old Dynamo products still playing and earning every day.


Our partners Champion Shuffleboard and Connelly Billiards have years of experience with beautifully crafted stained wood finishes. From that expertise, Dynamo now offers a line of Hockey tables featuring furniture-quality craftsmanship and an attractive selection of stain shades. Fully American-built in our Richland Hills TX facility, stained by hand, and designed with the time-tested features that have made Dynamo tables renowned for their enjoyable game play, these beautifully-constructed tables will provide years of reliable enjoyment. Whether alone, or matched with a combination of Champion Shuffleboard, Connelly Billiard and Tornado Foosball tables, our crafted Dynamo Hockey tables will make your game room a true showplace.

Contact your Dealer to find out what we can create for you.


A-TEX Family Fun Center offers more than just pool and foosball tables and shuffleboards. We offer accessories and furniture for all your game room needs, too:




Back Bars


Bar Stools


Pool Cue Racks


Spectator Chairs and Benches


Pub Tables and Shelves


Game Sets and Poker Tables


Dartboard and Cabinets

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