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Combining fitness and hydrotherapy together, the AquaFit Plus offers maximum variety: one side allows a person a vigorous workout with peak performance temperature, while the other side heats up and prepares you a soothing, well-deserved, post-exercise soak.


Its robust rowing system allows you to work your upper body and arms, while fully adjustable hydrotherapy jets make running or jogging underwater in place possible. Talk about a workout!

“A-TEX Family Fun Center offers a wide range of swim spas that offer health benefits at your convenience”.


SHELL COLORS                                      TILE COLORS


DURATEX                      Ocean Wave     Teal Wave     Black Wave

Dimensions228"L x 90.25"W x 52"H
Weight (Dry)3500 lbs
Weight (Full)18000 lbs
Water Capacity1730 Gallons
Electrical240V, 50/40A (Swim)
240V, 50/40A (Spa)
Pumps1 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Dual Speed (Swim)
2 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Single Speed (Swim)
1 x 4.0/(2.5) HP Dual Speed (Spa)

Unique Materials

DuraTex – Because the surface is the most exposed and touched part of a swim spa, it should be the most durable and comfortable. D1’s exclusive DuraTex material satisfies both needs. It also features a unique, slip-resistant material unmatched by any other swim spa material and is so comfortable, you’ll want to soak as often and as long as possible.

Steel Frame – Every D1 swim spa has a 100% self-contained SteelStruct welded steel frame, one of the only treadmill swimming and water aerobics products manufactured this way.

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