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The AquaFit Pro is built to enhance flexibility, strength, and tone. It has every workout program for the entire family to enjoy in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This specific swim spa model is equipped with high volume swim jets that are adjustable for speed and pressure, positioned to provide lift and current. It has a swim lane to help keep a person focused and in position, as well as a non-slip surface that ensures safety during workouts.

Not only is it the perfect exercise tool, it allows you to enjoy pure, clean water year-round through an E-Z Lock filter cartridge and ozone purification system.

“A-TEX Family Fun Center offers a wide range of swim spas that offer health benefits at your convenience”.



SPORT BLUE                DURATEX

Dimensions228"L x 90.25"W x 62"H
Weight (Dry)3600 lbs
Weight (Full)23600 lbs
Water Capacity2400 Gallons
Electrical240V, 60/60+50A
Pumps1 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Dual Speed Pump
2 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Single Speed Pumps

Unique Materials

DuraTex – Because the surface is the most exposed and touched part of a swim spa, it should be the most durable and comfortable. D1’s exclusive DuraTex material satisfies both needs. It also features a unique, slip-resistant material unmatched by any other swim spa material and is so comfortable, you’ll want to soak as often and as long as possible.

Steel Frame – Every D1 swim spa has a 100% self-contained SteelStruct welded steel frame, one of the only treadmill swimming and water aerobics products manufactured this way.

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