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Owning your very own hot tub means both your relaxation and entertainment needs encapsulated in one sturdy, multi-functional facility within the comfort of your home. Apart from the convenience it allows you to delight in hot tub year-round, it is known to make significant contributions to your emotional, mental, and physical health. A hot tub enables you to easily alleviate stress, aches, and pains with warm, therapeutic soaks. The best part is, despite all the features and benefits it promises and delivers, it does not require as much maintenance from the owner’s end. However, you do need to keep your hot tub well-protected. One way of doing so is with a Covana cover system that not only protects your hot tubs and swim spas but gives you a gazebo for the ultimate outdoor spa experience as well. Think form and function in a matter of seconds.

A Covana cover means less work – no more struggling with heavy covers, or removing dust, snow, ice, and other bothersome particles that easily make their way to the surface. Constructed with state-of-the-art materials, these automated gazebos guarantee comfort and safety year-round.

Built to offer weather protection, the Covana is compatible with most spas. It gives you maximum privacy with retractable screens, as well as comfort and ease with its lighting system. Bask in the comfort of owning your very own hot tub with the help of automated Covana covers, complete with lights and shades that help set the tone for complete rest and relaxation. Despite the impressive characteristics, Covana covers are actually known to decrease expenses, particularly on maintenance products, and water and heating bills. With a cover that efficiently safeguards your hot tub or swim spa and increases aesthetic appeal, you’ll surely have less to worry about and more to take pleasure in.



Doubling as a cover and a gazebo, the Oasis ascertains functionality and aesthetic with its modern, elegant look, insulation value, and a lighting system that creates an atmosphere guaranteed to relieve stress and amplify the ultimate spa experience. When covered, the water-tight seal of the Oasis reduces heating costs, restricts access, and keeps your investment well-protected. Turn the key and you’ll have a visually pleasing gazebo within seconds. Choose between mocha or slate and pick out the perfect accessories to complement your hot tub cover, such as shades, screens, mounting plates, and a solar LED light system.


Ensure your swim spa’s safekeeping with the Legend, a fully automated cover that assures protection from inclement weather, safety, and privacy. Built with a higher insulation value than most hot tub covers, the Legend prohibits unwelcome access, helping protect your children and pets in the process. Its advanced features, coupled with contemporary design, promises you peace of mind. Compatible with both oval and rectangular swim spas, this particular cover will go a long way in preserving your facility. User-friendly and low-maintenance, this investment will contribute greatly to saving your time, energy, and money. You can keep it simple or you can incorporate more into your hot tub by choosing the perfect accessories to go with this cover.



Attractive, fully functional, and cost-effective, the Evolution assures compatibility with square hot tubs, rectangular units, and even round ones. Designed with a sleek and polished look, the Covana Evolution contains all the features necessary in preserving the condition of your tub and allowing you comforting, undisturbed sessions. Available in neutral colors, particularly mocha and slate, the construction of this eye-catching cover can easily play up the look of your swim spa. Add retractable shades or screens for a cozy ambiance and maximum privacy, and you have yourself the perfect space for well-deserved quiet time.





Covana covers start up in just a matter of seconds with a simple turn of a key. Relaxation begins the minute your cover system starts up and reveals a swim spa or hot tub ready for use. Equipped with a seal that offers heat retention, you can enjoy uninterrupted hot tub sessions regardless of the climate.



Considered investments for one’s health, hot tubs and swim spas go a long way in improving lifestyles. Without realizing it, regular soaks leave lasting effects on your well-being. Warm water, gentle currents, and an overall quiet environment does wonders for your physical, emotional, and mental health. A great way to compensate for the stress brought by taxing daily routines, hot tub and swim spa sessions will definitely create a positive impact on your well-being.



Restrict access and protect your spa with the help of Covana’s leading edge security features. A fully automated gazebo with heavy-duty composition, the Covana locks in place, whether elevated or closed, assuring safety and uninterrupted use.



A durable hot tub cover shields the unit from fallen leaves, helps keep the water clean, and prevents other articles from clogging up the drains. While a regular change of water is strongly advised, a cover contributes to conservation, too. Preventing particles from falling into the unit means less instances for clean-up and water change.


Because of the tight sealing and its ability to fully surround your spa, the heat in the water is preserved, decreasing power consumption and the need for heaters. Relax in warm water with the help of an automated gazebo that sustains your preferred temperature whether during the day or at night.


A hot tub exposed to sunlight and other uncontrollable conditions may result in damages to its surface, such as causing its outer shell to turn brittle. Prevent sun damage and other potential risks from harming the quality of your hot tub with a Covana cover.


Keep your children and pets safe from accidents involving your hot tub with Covana covers that restrict access. Never worry about your little ones falling in with the security functions of these automated covers. Talk about the perfect feature to put you even more at ease!

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