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Locks to prevent intruders?

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your hot tub.

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION can't blow off in the wind leaving you open to liability issues and leave your yard unsafe for small children and animals.

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION allows your teenagers in your hot tub when you want them there - not when they want.

Optional privacy and seclusion?

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION has shades for the utmost in privacy.

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION has screens for moderate privacy.

Ease of use and ease of entry?

  • With the simple turn of a key, you can enjoy your hot tub in even the worst weather.

  • Your spa is opened or closed by simply turning the key.

Green? Easy on the environment?

  • The landfill receives 1.2 million discarded traditional hot tub covers a year.

  • Life of a traditional hot tub cover is 2-3 years.

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION will last the life of your hot tub.

Custom seal for your spa?

  • With the COVANA EVOLUTION you save on chemicals and cost of heating water. The COVANA EVOLUTION is a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water from escaping.

Cost effective?

  • Regular Gazebo, cover and cover lifter = $10,000.00 plus. The COVANA EVOLUTION is more cost effective and easier to use.

Stands up to heavy snow loads?

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION holds up to 600 lbs of snow load.
    Some other gazebos or covers have collapsed under the weight of snow.

Garden view?

  • When closed, the COVANA EVOLUTION does not obstruct your garden view.

  • When soaking, your view is not obstructed by gazebo panel.
    The COVANA EVOLUTION is not a permanent structure and does not require a building permit.

Sealed unit?

  • The COVANA EVOLUTION is a sealed unit keeping bugs, leaves and dirt out.
    Another type of gazebo requires constant attention to keep bugs, cobwebs, leaves and dirt out.

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