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Passion for innovation has driven Dimension One Spas for nearly three decades. That’s because they believe it will never be enough to do what they have always done, or simply to copy what others are doing. In fact D1 Spas holds over 30 patents on hot tubs and spas; more than any other hot tub or spa manufacturer. 

By combining Style + Art, they have designed hot tubs and spas that appeals to your soul as much as it soothes your body. A hot tub so smart and reliable that it practically maintains itself. And in their pursuit of ultimate performance, their engineers have studied human anatomy, ergonomics, fluid mechanics, aquatic massage, acupressure and reflexology so extensively they actually invented a new science; they call it “hydronomics.” 


D1 has studied human anatomy, ergononmics, fluid mechanics, aquatic massage, acupressure, and reflexology so extensively we actually invented a new science; we call it “hydronomics.” Using state-of-the-art modeling software, D1 engineers design our hot tubs in virtual space, which ensures the ultimate in comfort.


Our EPA approved Polyurethane Foam Insulation is used to seal your hot tubs from the elements. This ensures that heat loss is kept to our minimum standards, which is more stringent than any other hot tub manufacturer in the industry to save you more on energy costs.


D1 uses low power, 98 Watt circulation pumps to purify your water. In fact, 84% of the power that Ultrapure uses is returned to the water as heat, warming your hot tub for free. Click here to read new white paper on UltraPure and UltraPure PLUS systems.The most sophisticated water management system that has ever been created maintains crystal-clear, sparkling water for you to enjoy, pure and simple.

• The world’s first UL-approved system that ozonates water while users occupy the spa
• 100% continuous filtration, processing over 10,000 gallons a day
• Minimizes chemical sanitizers (when Vision is used)


D1 hot tubs have a custom cover that has been tailored specifically to fit each model it is delivered on. In addition to a tight fit on the edges, every cover has a linear heat seal on the seam to prevent heat loss. With a 4” to 2.5” tapered cover, full heat insulation protection is virtually guaranteed.


All D1 hot tubs are expertly engineered and plumbed so that the Hydramax pumps are best utilized, ensuring that there is no wasted energy or horse power. This means a smaller more efficient pump that retains as much jet power as those of our larger competitors.


Sensuous design and wrap-around hydrotherapy. An exquisite balance of performance and style, The Bay Collection hot tubs soothes the body while it relaxes the mind. As discerning as their owners, these elegant spas deliver the ultimate in indulgence and satisfaction through the careful execution of our patented curvilinear design.


When you click on a specific model on our spa model page, be sure to view the low estimated cost to operate your hot tub by clicking on the energy guide.


The soft, warm glow of this unique lighting system adds a visual dimension to enhance your mood and help soften the edges of your day.

• Lighted tile line casts a silhouette on the water
• New software allows 3 unique lighting modes
• Brilliant mode: all lights on

• Fountain mode: fountain only
• Candle mode: bar top and fountain
• New Liquid FX Mood Enhancers™


D1 proudly presents new amazing architectural hot tub trim packages, representing the company’s quest to beautify the backyard and offer even more choices to our valued customers. Now customers can choose the Sommerset™ option – which features a beautiful, artistic cattails design, or Terracina™– which means “of the Earth” and features a choice of either simulated oak woodgrain or simulated stone – each available in three different colors to match any backyard decor. D1’s new ultra durable spa cabinets, which are built with all-weather material that retains its beauty for years, are available on D1’s Bay Collection and Reflections hot tub series. Plus Terracina Oak is a new exciting option on all D1 Aquatic Fitness Systems swim spas!


D1 has studied human anatomy, ergononmics, fluid mechanics, aquatic massage, acupressure, and reflexology so extensively we actually invented a new science; we call it “hydronomics.” Using state-of-the-art modeling software, D1 engineers design our hot tubs in virtual space, which ensures the ultimate in comfort.


The culmination of hydronomics can be experienced in our BioForm Seating.

• Non-float seating designs
• Optimized body positioning
• Full body immersion
• Ideal jet and control placement
• Correct size and type of jets


The first and only height-adjustable neck jet pillow.

• Patented design provides the ultimate in comfort
• 5 height positions allows for a wide range of users
• Curved pillow cradles your neck
• Up to 4 adjustable jets; water volume and nozzle angle


This “Spa-within-a-spa” provides the ultimate in full-body hydrotherapy from head-to-toe.

• No-float design
• Sculpted leg contours for superior fit
• Tactile Therapy for wrists and hands


Raised bumps provide acupressure massage.

• Allows interactive therapy
• Stimulates trigger points in arms, wrists, and feet
• Helps to disperse lactic acid build-up in muscles


Its elegant, white textured surface is soft on your skin yet tough enough to outlast any other spa shell material. 

• Lifetime Warranty
• Fade-resistant for long-term beauty
• Slip-resistant for safety
• Maintenance-free
• Ideal for optimal nightime illumination


Rugged and durable, its all weather exterior will retain its beauty for many years to come.

• Stain and fade resistant
• No painting or staining required
• 100% recycled plastic (HDPE)
• Enviromentally-friendly material
• 5-year warranty


The most durable and reliable spa heater on the market. 

• 5-Year Unconditional Warranty
• High-flow design prohibits harmful mineral build-up
• Stainless steel, no-weld construction for longer life
• Large surface area and low density lowers heat costs
• Smart Heat: variable output provides optimal heat recovery and lower energy consumption


Automatically manages critical spa functions such as filtration, heating and self-diagnostic programs so you can relax more.
• Reminds you of when it is time to clean filter or change water
• Allows personalized settings to suit your spa usage and lifestyle
• Scrolling message display is large and easy to understand


This proprietary cartridge leaves your water sparkling clean and feeling soft while significantly reducing chemical maintenance.
• Kills 99% bacteria on contact
• Cartridge lasts up to 6 months
• Minimizes chlorine usage
• Reduces skin and eye irritation


Its patented design makes removing your hot tub cover easy.
• Anodized aluminum construction provides long life
• Open and store cover with only two simple motions
• Requires just 18″ of clearance behind hot tub
• Designed to mount on any hot tub model
• Lifetime Warranty


At the heart of this incredible hydrotherapy machine lays an energy efficient and dependable hydrotherapy pump that delivers maximum power and performance.
• High ouput; up to 180 GPM @16psi
• Low amp draw conserves energy use
• Mounting plates isolate vibration noise
• Large volute increases flow; reduces noise
• Rock-solid design ensures longer service life


Introduced in 1999, it was the world’s first programmable hydrotherapy lounge.
• Isolates pump power to 6 specific therapy zones
• Digital control panel with active therapy display
• Pause control allows user to target pain areas
• Speed control adjusts sequence time up or down
• Silent valve operation


The new Poly Planar® audio system has many improvements over the old system. The new design has two speakers mounted inside of the spa and two speakers mounted to the front panel, which allows you to use the system even when the cover is on! The new system also has a MP3 port that allows you to connect your iPOD or other MP3 device!


The most versatile hydrotherapy jets in the industry provide the ultimate massage

• High-volume for utimate performance
• Fully-adjustable to customize massage
• Interchangeable with a variety of nozzles

Accent Ring Jets look elegant and gives unparalleled tactile control to the user. The Accent Ring Jet System retains all the interchangable functions of the VCR Jet System.


A powerful, vertically-mounted jet in the foot well provides an incredible lower body massage.

• High-volume for ultimate performance
• Targets trigger points in legs, calves and feet
• Diverter valve allows control of water volume


D1’s exclusive Magnetic Switching System gives you underwater fingertip control of your hot tub’s major functions without needing to move to the M•Drive.


The iWatch is a multi-featured Status and Perimeter Lighting System. It is installed on the side panel of the spa skirt to provide spa status information and colorful perimeter lighting.

• Green light status to indicate the spa is functioning normally or requires maintenance
• Red light statud to indicate the spa requires service
• 9 colorful LED lights to provide perimeter lighting
• Push button control of perimeter lighting
• Light sensor for automatically activating the perimeter lighting at night and deactivating it at sunshine


The AFS HydroSport Fitness Gear provides you with a huge variety of waterproof and rugged exercise equipment needed to partake in all the different exercise options highlighted in the “Multiple Circuit Training Stations” section.

The HydroSport Fitness Gear includes:
• A variety of tensor cords in a varying lengths so you can adjust your workouts from super easy to super hard.
• Exceptionally durable rowers for your rowing station. 
• Other equipment such as high-quality fitness bar (for upper-body strength training), stretching bar, body belt, “D” handles, goggles, bar straps and ankle cuffs. 
• Special patent-pending OptiMounts™, stainless steel hardware mounts built into your AFS shell, provide you with workout flexibility and convenience.

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