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Pricing Overview

Cost of Ownership

A-TEX features several different brands of hot tubs at different price points. This allows us to always find a hot tub with the perfect combination of size and features at a price that works for each customer. Owning a hot tub is easier than you think. Whether you have a modest backyard or acres of land, there’s an option for every space and budget. So how much does a hot tub actually cost? Like any consumer product, the answer varies depending on a number of factors. When it comes to hot tubs, an increase in price generally corresponds with easier maintenance, higher build quality, greater reliability, enhanced hydromassage, and additional design options.

We realize that the hot tub pricing process can be confusing, so we’ve created this simple guide to help you understand the true costs and benefits of a quality hot tub.


Why Don’t You Show Pricing?

Many people ask why we do not show the exact pricing of our spas online. The reason is that pricing can vary significantly depending on factors such as features, options, and promotions or special events, including cash rebates or no interest financing. However, we have created the following Price Guide which we use throughout our site to help you get a sense of overall hot tub costs.


Price Guide Infographic:

The following chart displays typical hot tub price ranges.



Entry Level







Note: price ranges may not include all final hot tub purchase costs, including delivery and installation costs, accessories, etc.

* Financing charges are estimates based on typical seen nation-wide. See your dealer for current financing rates. Financing dependent on consumer credit approval. 


A hot tub is a significant investment, no matter how much your initial purchase price. Don’t be deceived by lower prices, which can ultimately cost you more in maintenance, utility bills, and service. We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any further questions or want more specific pricing, please contact your nearest A-Tex location, or click here.


“I left your store feeling that not only had I gotten the best spa I could have, but that I had found a company and people that I could trust.”

“I would recommend A-Tex Family Fun Center to anyone for their quick service, their honesty, and their fair pricing. It was a pleasure doing business with them”