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Swim spas, hot tubs, and above-ground pools are more than just products that allow us enjoyment in our free time. These are considered investments for our health and well-being, too. After all, swim spas, hot tubs, and above-ground pools are great sources of hydrotherapy. With features that provide long-term benefits for one’s health, it is only fitting that these products are maintained well and used properly. Since hot tubs, swim spas, and above-ground pools are installed outdoors, they are susceptible to the effects of heavy rainfall, snowstorms, and other disastrous events. We can more or less determine the period in which these natural calamities befall. This leaves us ample time to take the necessary precautions, such as proper storage. While we cannot simply transport swim spas, hot tubs, and above-ground pools to an enclosed space, we can make use of large, protective coverings if only to lessen the degree of possible damages. No matter how durable, these facilities still need to be meticulously taken care of.

Once disastrous events, such as hurricanes, have passed, we can shift the focus on examining objects that have been exposed. One cannot simply continue using a hot tub or an above-ground pool without making a proper and thorough inspection, and subsequently taking the necessary steps in maintenance and repair.

Read on to discover how you can keep your swim spas and hot tubs safe during periods of inclement weather.



  • Isolate the area through makeshift fences to avoid worse conditions from taking place. Before inspecting the hot tub, you need to take preventive measures to ensure the safety of your family. Once you’ve successfully created a proper enclosure for your pool, you can start with the assessment, followed by the necessary steps in clean up, or repair if called for.
  • Check for damage by carefully inspecting the gates, barriers, and other parts of your hot tub.
  • Empty gutters and other openings that dirt and stagnant water can easily fill.


Stagnant water can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as Zika and Malaria. It can also breed parasites and bacteria, which is why draining the water from your swim spas and hot tubs should be top priority. Apart from clearing out an environment that welcomes parasites and bacteria, draining the hot tub also helps get rid of dirt and algae.

  • Double-check if all drainage systems in your area are working before doing any actual draining. You can do this by consulting with your local water department.
  • Once you are given the go-ahead, partially drain the water from your hot tub to avoid causing further damage, such as a shift from its foundation.
  • Rinse out all sides while draining.


  • Remove dirt, algae, debris, and other particles from your above-ground pool or hot tub through the use of proper cleaning equipment and solutions. Ensure that you are wearing the right gear for the task too, such as masks and gloves.
  • Rinse out soap and other residue thoroughly, and make sure no corners and openings are left dirty.


    You may already understand how each function of your swim spa works, and believe you’ve done a stellar job in cleaning out your swim spa, but it is always best to consult the experts at A-TEX Family Fun Center, especially after the impact of disastrous events have taken their toll on your above-ground pool. Consult your local health department to stay in compliance with health codes, and most importantly, protect your family from hazards. Professionals can carry out each step of the inspection efficiently and identify which features need to be cleaned out further, repaired, or replaced, helping you take a step closer to making sure your facility remains in excellent condition.


    Seek professional repair or replacement service if needed.

    In the event that your above-ground pool or hot tub needs repairs on certain parts, immediately book an appointment with A-TEX Family Fun Center’s professional service providers. Qualified technicians can accurately determine what needs to be done and subsequently carry out the repair or replacement process. Not only can they guarantee good results, but they are well-trained and fully-equipped for the task.


    When there are no traces of dirt and soap left, you can now fill up your hot tub or above-ground pool with potable water, unless your local inspector recommends the use of disinfectants or sanitizers.

    While the steps mentioned above may seem practical and doable, they are still no substitute for professional service. Preventive measures for your swim spas and hot tubs include knowing who to call for proper cleaning and repair. Staying on top of safety and maintenance leaves you with more than just a fully functional swim spa or hot tub – it assures you of your family’s safety and keeps you at peace.