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The SuperSport DT6 combines the features and benefits of a swim spa and a hot tub.

It has two separate operating systems that allow you to keep the swim zone at your desired temperature while simultaneously maintaining your hot tub at a higher temperature for the ultimate hydrotherapy and stress relief experience.

Enjoy power, comfort, and convenience with the SuperSport DT6 swim spa.


Length 501 cm
Width 228 cm
Height 135 cm
Weight empty/ full 1361/7161 kg
Swim Volume 5678 litres
Spa Volume 378 litres
Spa Seats 2
Depth 124 cm
Glowing drink holders 2
Grab bar 1
Steel substructure Yes
BlueMAAXTM insulation Yes
Programable filter cycles Yes
9 cm underwater light 4
Pump 1 (HP/Speed) 2/2
Pump 2 (HP/Speed) 2/2
Pump 3 (HP/Speed) 2/2
Electric requirements 230V 2PH N PE
Electric requirements spa 230V 2PH N PE
Head cushions 2
Digital colour optics Yes
WiFi Connectivity Yes
Jet Total 44
Turbo Swim jets 6
Hydrotherapy jets 30
Aurora Cascade jets 6
Ozone jets 2
Stainless steel jets Yes
Options MP3/Bluetooth Stereo System
Exercise kit
Super Swim Pro Tether
CleanZone IITM UV sanitizer

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