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Having free time on your hands is always a luxury, especially when spent wisely. After devoting hours to working and carrying out your daily tasks and responsibilities, it is only fitting to keep the remaining hours for yourself, solely for pampering, resting, and relaxing. A-TEX Family Fun Center makes this possibly by making leisure and recreation features readily available for your home. These include hot tubs, swim spas, game room equipment, and even above-ground pools. With the help of our products and services, you can freely engage in fun, entertaining, and calming activities without leaving home. Residents of Georgetown, TX will enjoy the convenience of having a hot tub or an above-ground pool installed in their home by just making a simple phone call to A-TEX Family Fun Center.


A hot tub does more than just improve the ambiance of a place. This particular product comes with quite a number of health benefits. Instead of going back and forth to spas and resorts, experience comfort and luxury right at home. A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX offers a wide range of hot tub variants, each one allowing the individual a stress-relieving experience. Hot tubs can fit up to seven people, too. This means you can share a warm, comforting soak with your family or friends. Browse through our hot tub collection and find the perfect model for your home.


Hydrotherapy is one of the safest means to preserve one’s health and well-being. A swim spa allows the individual to focus on his fitness minus the physical demands of traveling back and forth to a gym or a sports center. A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX offers swim spas that enable you to swim at your own pace. This fitness pool will surely inspire you to commit to a daily or weekly routine.


Above-ground pools are a safer alternative, especially for those with children and pets. Because its height and overall build differs significantly from regular swimming pools, the risk of kids and animals falling in and hurting themselves are lesser. Above-ground pools are also easier to maintain and can immediately play up your outdoor space. A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX can install an above-ground pool right in your backyard.



We are proud to offer products that allow you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.


Our selection of Shuffleboard, Foosball, and Air Hockey tables is sure to have what you need.


From traditional to contemporary, you’ll find furniture suitable to complement the style of your family’s game room.


Home improvements and renovations were never easy, especially when you attempt to carry out both on your own. A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX believes you deserve only the best and that includes convenience and unparalleled service. Browse our extensive range of products that are perfect for relaxation and recreation and discover more features you can incorporate into your indoor and outdoor areas. From game room equipment to hydrotherapy essentials, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about how you can benefit from each product by staying connected.


With a growing number of highly satisfied clients, A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX is considered the top supplier of swim spas, hot tubs, and above-ground pools, as well as the recommended service provider for the maintenance, installation, and repair for these. With products centered on improving one’s health, our team has fast become the go-to source for hydrotherapy equipment and game room staples. Pursue balance, good health, and cheer with our hot tubs, above-ground pools, and swim spas and share the experience with your loved ones.

  • Hot tubs put people at ease, the warm temperature of the water helping improve circulation and the current relieving tense muscles and joints.
  • Regular soaks in hot tubs alleviates stress and anxiety, helping improve one’s disposition and gradually curing insomnia.
  • Laugh more and stress less! Share the rejuvenating experience with your family and closest friends with hot tubs that allow up to seven people.
  • Spending time outdoors does wonders for one’s temperament and overall health. The sight of trees, clouds, flowers, and stars, for instance, are known to put people at ease and calm their minds and souls.
  • Unplug! These features are good for social media detox, too. Spend more time with your family and friends playing fun games or relaxing in hot tubs instead of aimlessly switching from one app to another.
  • Swim spas enable the individual to adopt a regular fitness routine minus costly gym memberships and traveling back and forth.
  • A swim spa can help tone muscles, improve coordination, and most importantly, exercise one’s respiratory system. Improve your heart rate and your breathing by utilizing swim spas for your health.
  • Above-ground pools are safer and easier to maintain compared to regular tiled swimming pools.
  • Putting together a game room will encourage socialization, technology-free recreation, and increased bonding for family and friends.
  • Games like darts and billiards are known to improve one’s mental health as these games require strategy and skill.
  • Improve your social skills by playing as a team and developing a deeper tolerance for differences.


You deserve only the best. A-TEX Family Fun Center in Georgetown, TX can create a better environment right at your home through our products and services. Find the perfect hot tub, swim spa, above-ground pool, or gaming equipment and leave the rest to us. Your convenience and satisfaction are what drives us to consistently provide unmatched service to all clients. Learn more about our products and services from our website, or submit your queries and concerns through the form.

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